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A just equality


If I to you

were, am, untrue,

then either I must speak the truth

or lie;

and either you are hurt or not

or neither.


And if you do not feel,

although you know,

my infidelity

and, as I with another lie,

so you,

and tell the truth

to him or me

and he or I am hurt

or not;

then let us grant

that you and I are humankind

(and she and he)

and in a very sad-go-round

press hard the wine

and crush the juice

(or so it seems)

out of my, your (and his, her) dreams:

and this for independence sake,

or fear

that those who one another take

must give or break.

Yet let us both agree

that you and I decide

or not

that such a fear is justified.


“One thing is sure;”

she smilingly replied

“In ‘either or’

resides a just equality,

and thus you lose the argument,

or so it seems,

while I have nothing lost

except your dreams.”

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