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About me

Academic Record:

St Marylebone Grammar School (1953 – 1961)

B.A. (Hons) in English, New College, Oxford (1961-1964):

M. Phil in Modern English Studies, New College, Oxford  (1964-1966):

M.A. New College, Oxford (1968).


Professional Memberships:

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing:

Founder Member of the Association of Media Evaluation Companies


Industrial Management Experience:

Market Research Manager, Sandoz Products Ltd. (1968 – 1970):

Marketing Manager, Sandoz/Wander U.K. Ltd. (1970 – 1973)


Communications Management Experience:

Marketing and Development Manager, and member of the Executive Committee of Visnews (now Reuters Television Limited) the world's leading television news agency (1973 – 1979)


Managing Director, Panarc International Ltd  (1980 to the present)

Managing business consultancy projects (in market research, marketing and communications) and Panarc's own commercial ventures. January, 1985 to July, 2012, developed and managed Panarc's Media Analysis service based on Panarc's own Media Analysis (Max) programme. From 2012, developed and managed  Panarc Publishing, a publishing operation for marketing his own and others’ books.


Website Development


As an adjunct to Panarc’s Media Evaluation services, I committed the company to the research, development and maintenance of a number of informational websites. 


Amongst those developed and maintained by Panarc International were:


All Panarc’s sites contain thousands of pages of in-depth research and are intended for those with a serious interest in the subject covered.


The DocuPraxis

In addition to developing the Max media coverage analysis programme, I also developed a computer program, DocuPraxis, to fulfil the following functions:

- Project Management

- Personal Information Management

- Document Construction


Panarc Publishing

To develop the publishing activity, in 2003, I set up a publishing division – Panarc Publishing, a publishing house with its own website (


Books published

Adventures in Grammarland, with Chris Prendergast

Adventures in Numberland 

After the monkey ate my cheese

Beyond the breaking of the stone

Escape from Obesity by George Bekes

God for the Curious Unbeliever

Report Writer’s Handbook

The Tortoise and the Hare

The Truth Quartet

  • The Fourth Beginning

  • The Devil’s Truth

  • The Praesidium

  • Out of nothing something comes


Short stories published

A Dog’s Life

All Our Tomorrows

Happy Birthday

Prince of Felonies

The Meaning of Life

Trouble at Thicksville


Where I have lived

1942:    Born in Brighton

1942 – 1945: Bognor

1945 – 1952: Maida Vale, London

1952 – 1960: Harrow Weald

1961 – 1966: Oxford

1966 – 1967: Swiss Cottage

1967 – 1971: Camden Town

1971 – 2003: Ealing/Ealing Common

2003 – the present:  New Forest (near Ringwood)

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