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In every thing, unseen, unheard
you are the presence and the Word
In every place, unheard, unseen,

you are the staff on which I lean. 

You are the vital force behind    

the realms of matter, life and mind.


I muse amazed I must confess

when I see more emerge from less;

or when the whole, revealed, displayed,

outshines the parts of which it’s made.

I marvel that a seed can be

the author of an arching tree;

that words when suitably combined

can fill the corners of the mind

with meaning so profound and bright,

they flood with light the darkest night;

that time, the brutal bane of dreams,

is not the tyrant that it seems

for in each instant we can see,

sly glimpses of eternity


‘When what I wish for is denied,

when troubles ingress like the tide

seeming to prove that what I’d planned

was badly built on shifting sand;

when I with pain and fear contend

you comfort me, my closest friend.

In moments when I understand

you welcome me; you take my hand

and offer me the simple key

that luminates life’s mystery.

The love we have now in this place

is not a thing of time and space

and will endure and thrive for long,

long after now and here are gone.


All that is good that we create

transcends with ease the temporal state.

while all our love in life, refined,

pleasures the elemental mind.

In love and goodness, and with grace,

we find our final resting place.


No fear, no doubt, no mental strife,

these truths are what make sense of life.

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