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The Fourth Beginning


Following the death of their daughter Bella in a freak accident, Adam and Eve Smith are invited by the Storyteller to seek answers to some fundamental existential questions. Despite the risks and dangers, Adam and Eve, together with their highly intelligent dog, Luke, decide to set out on an epic journey with the Storyteller in his yellow camper van, happily equipped with an exponential drive and a paradox device.


They are joined on their quest by the insatiably curious Rambler and his nephew Numpty. All seems well but they soon find their search is to be impeded by Grimrose, a shapeshifter, and his master, the Breaker, Nick Peters, who insists the questors are wasting their time.  Adam and Eve’s journey affords them a not entirely satisfactory audience with God - and a journey through time and space to witness the dawn of the universe, the birth of life and the emergence of human consciousness, not to mention an enlightening excursion to the luxuriously appointed cave of Prometheus on Mount Strobilos in the Caucasus.  Then things take a turn for the worse.


If you join Adam and Eve on this quest, hold tight. It offers as many mental and physical challenges as anyone could possibly wish to take. 


“Everything is humorous, serious and exciting at the same time. Like Italo Calvino's fables, this is a novel to enjoy being disconcerted by and one that will simultaneously reinvigorate your imagination and ideas.”

Richard Jack

The Fourth Beginning is the first book in The Truth Quartet.


Book Two: The Devil’s Truth

Book Three: The Praesidium

Book Four: Out of nothing something comes


are all available from Amazon and all good bookshops.

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