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From time to time, I am moved to write a brief essay on a topic that interests me.

The trigger for such essays is generally but not always, a controversy that is currently pre-occupying the media and or the political class.

I am frequently provoked into writing by a conviction that today's generation of gurus, commentators, broadcasters and politicians, in common with the mass of the population, have abandoned reason in favour of a bizarre obsession with individualism.

This phenomenon often manifests itself in the form of lengthy heated debates in which the core issue, the obvious heart of the matter, is, with extraordinary mental agility, completely ignored.

Most of these essays can be found on the Third Rock Forum, a website I set up to encourage people who are still interested in facts and who remain capable of reason, to contribute constructive thoughts on the major issues currently confronting our flawed species.

Not surprisingly, the Third Rock Forum has very few members.


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