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Over the green fields


Potatoes, peas, pornography,

honour, truth, orthography,

kisses, crosses, crucifixion,

judgement-passing from conviction;

hold the hand that holds the pen,

fuller, faster, tell me when:

tend the burn but burn the children,

virgin blood in strumpet cauldron;

paint the walls with pretty pictures,

“Buy” or “Die”, enticements, strictures.

Tear the eye from every socket,

break the chain and sprain the sprocket.


Over the green fields far away

voyeurs give a seedy cough,

while old lovers and their lasses

regularly have it off.


Up and down and round and round

empty words reverberate!

Hear the barker’s call resound -

“Roll up, roll on,

it’s not too late.”

One more show before we go;

buy your tickets, clap your hands,

slap your thighs and feel your glands.

You’ve seen freaks that fornicate,

seen the maggot on the plate.

It’s the last laugh so laugh loudly,

here’s a pageant painted proudly;

see the vagrants at the gate,

see the martyrs lie in state,

see the cretin contemplating,

see the eunuch masturbating.


Over the green fields far away

seven sages sit and wait,

While beneath their snow-white mantles

seven bladders urinate.

Let us burn the ancient people

buried now in institutions;

we’d be rich if we could save in-

surance bloody contributions.

I am worth what I can earn,

I deserve what I inherit;

talk a little less of beggars

and a little more of merit.

Potatoes, peas, pornography,

fat and poor, geography,

cash and castles, pox and palaces,

dripping down from drooping phalluses;

rich is rich and thin is thin,

all must fight and all shall win

honesty the only sin ……


Over the green fields far away

starving children wonder why,

while their strange, despotic fingers

mutilate a bloated fly.

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