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This is how God is made


Why should the God who made the world

decide to hide? 

What need for secrecy? 


Great minds can simple be and that’s for sure;

it is our malady.

Great minds entangled in the mesh of time

and disillusioned with the God of old,

confused, have traded God for chance,

upending the old pyramid of thought

to balance it upon its point.


It may be clever but it will not stand.


It’s likely true that only a most inefficient God

would take some fifteen thousand million years

to bring us to our present pass.

But it’s less plausible by far to any honest mind

that matter undirected

with only random movement as its aid

can substitute for God.


Blind chance is blind, not one to lead the way,

not one to see the way when way there is.


Great minds that cannot see the trees for wood

(or how all evil in the end concedes to good

not vanquished by the armies of the Lord

but trivialised, time after time,

by endless, tedious repetition),

must surely simple be.


What better way to spend the time than making God?

From each of us so little good -

but only good endures;

all that is evil dies as it is born.

This is the verdict men must fear.

The good men do lives after them, all else,

the greed and spite, the lust and the despair,

the little failures and the great betrayals,

all, however noxious, all, all forgiven,

not out of kindness or divine compassion

but because

they are without significance

of no account

dissolved like mist before the rising sun.

This is the judgement all must fear,

the ever-lasting damnation of the lost-for-ever opportunity,

peremptory dismissal

into oblivion

of most of each of us.


This is the meaning of death.

This is how good conquers evil.

This is how love redeems.


This is how God is made.

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